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Rave Reviews


Jane Brown is so much more than an interior designer! I felt renewed when she created her 'bedroom secrets' style renovation in my bedroom. I now love my new 'santuary' which was previously was just 'quite nice.' I'm loving life! Huge gratitude, Thank you Jane Brown. 

Drew W. Sydney


My husband and I moved from a 7 bedroom house, pool and garden to a new 2 bedroom apartment in the inner west of Sydney. We had a bed and a TV and were daunted by the thought of putting rooms together by ourselves. Jane found all our furniture, beautiful wallpaper, a brilliant clock, rugs, wall art, attractive shelving and many other things from all around Sydney. Jane is very “hands on” and precise with the perfect placement of every item including mirrors and pictures. Her energy, enthusiasm , great ideas and a wealth of knowledge are infectious. We very much enjoy the lovely home we and Jane have created together. It was such fun! 

Her work was timely and to our budget. 

Our place is now amazing and as people walk through the door, they just say WOW.

Anne + Greg. Sydney March 2017

After our home was severely damaged in a storm we were at a total loss as to how to start again. Jane came into our home and from that first meeting we knew we were in good hands. She started from scratch picking a new roof, redesigning our foyer, choosing flooring and paint colours, lighting, rugs, cushions and more! We had started to fall out of love with our house until Jane bought it back to life. Thank you so much for making our house a beautiful home again.

 Julie + David. Sydney Feb 2017

Jane is truly amazing at what she does. For someone who doesn't have an eye for what doesn't work, and what is possible, having her input is gold. She makes my apartment go from ho hum to wow factor and I am reminded of how grateful I am for her influence in my space every day. Worth every penny I spent, especially considering how little new stuff I had to buy - that she could see how to make the most of what I had.

Louise Taylor. Surry Hills Dec 2016

I recently updated my kitchen using Jane's expertise. Jane worked tirelessly to help me achieve the kitchen I imagined. She help me make bold decisions in using my favourite colours. I am delighted with the outcome and can't wait to begin entertaining in the new year!

Janet Wood. Coogee Nov 2016

I discovered Jane on Houzz after searching for ways to improve the look of the dark furniture in my open plan living/dining area. After our initial consult, Jane got stuck in and transformed my living space within a couple of hours. I am so pleased with the result, and no longer feel depressed whenever I look at my black sofas and solid, dark furniture. As the furniture was expensive, my husband was not keen to update it, so Jane managed to find a way of making it work with only a few extra pieces and style changes using my existing decorative pieces. Jane gave advice on what really didn’t work (ie. things that had to go!). We also rearranged our other furniture (antique writing desk, grandfather clock and antique display cabinet) to make the living room flow much better. 

Following our successful living/dining room transformation, we then tackled my two daughter’s bedrooms. Both wanted a complete change – my eldest daughter wanted a more grown-up space, with dressing table and makeup lights. My younger daughter wanted a loft bed, blackboard paint on her walls and more space for hanging out with her friends. Jane spent time with each daughter, finding out exactly what they wanted, and getting a feel for their personality. Then we agreed on a budget, and she provided me with a shopping list of furniture, homewares, shelving options etc. We arranged a reveal day” after all the repainting was done, and we spent a whole day restyling both rooms from top to bottom. Both girls were absolutely blown away by their new rooms when they arrived home that day. They love spending time there and even make an effort to keep them tidy. 

My experience with Jane has been very positive, as she works hard to make the best choices within your constraints (budget, time and personal likes/dislikes). She is very approachable and professional. I am hoping to update our master bedroom next year, and Jane will be my first choice for helping me with this next project.

Ledi November 2018 

Absolutely amazing experience! Spent so much less than I expected and created the luxe feel I was looking for. Such an eye for detail!!! Can't wait to work with you in the future.

Jacquelyn J November 2018




This was our second project with Jane. I contacted her because I knew she was creative and practical with a great sense of style. The apartment had not been occupied for several years and in original condition. It was crying out for a full renovation. Thank you very much Jane. You met all my expectations and more.

D Camino July 2018




I knew as soon as I got a call back from Jane, that she was going to be the right person to help turn my very awkward basement into a stylish laundry/home office. We locked in a date and Jane was even more bubbly and enthusiastic than on the phone. We chatted for a while about what I want to use the space for. I showed her my home, so she could get a feel for my ‘style’ and then we went down to the basement. I cringe when people come downstairs, but Jane wasn’t phased. She loved the space and could see its potential. During the consultation, Jane made several recommendations for the space, incorporating my style and by the end of the session, I had video of all the design decisions we’d made. Thank you Jane. I love the concept. Now, I can’t wait to get started.

Janice P October 2018




Jane arrived at our home with a huge smile, great warmth and wonderful sense of fun and energy. I adored her quirky style and willingness to think outside the box. We were soon "playing" . I especially appreciated how she embraced what we currently have, finding new places for them to be to change the feel of a room. Whilst we will work with someone else on the nitty gritty details of our kitchen project, I would love to have Jane and team back to inject some fun and colour into the space.

Vanessa B August 2017




Jane, thank you so much for transforming our internal arrangements! I must admit I was sceptical at first at how switching our existing dinning room with our existing lounge room would work.... but its has been the best thing we could have ended up with! You’re a genius Jane. Thanks a million... We are still working on other suggestions you made and look forward to completing our other rooms. Jane was on time, affordable, very creative with a keen eye for detail. I have no problem recommending her to anyone. Thanks again Jane.

Love your work.


Jules U December  2016



Jane started by asking - "what do you love, how do you want to live and what do you hate about your current stuff" That’s all she needed to help (me) eject the old and introduce the new into my life. OMG what a breath of fresh air! She's smart, savvy, watched the budget, giving me gentle nudges when the going got a little tough, or the decision making ground to a halt. She really "gets it". My place has evolved and is still evolving along the lines she has suggested and I love it! What else can one ask for? Jane has an incredible ability to tune into her clients needs and manifest her ideas in tangible ways. Always a smile, never a dull moment and taste to die for! She's the real deal.  

Mark Coogee December  2016



Jane is a amazing and talented designer! She understood what I wanted in my new home in a short amount of time, colours style. etc. As I am in my late 50's.I wanted something modern but not over the top .Jane took me shopping and I was amazed how quick she picked up on my style ,easy to talk to just like a friend ,was able to finish two bedrooms in a couple of hours my husband loved everything she picked, and all within my budget .She is now going to help me renovate my two bathrooms ,and finish the rest of my townhouse All I can add to this is if you are not sure of your choice for your home just give her a try you will be very pleased and even save yourself some money.

P Nesbitt Nov 2016





Jane came and gave us a whole lot of ideas and suggestions whilst respecting our thoughts and desires. She made our apartment positively gorgeous. We have such a better use of space and design and colour. It was all there before we just couldn't see it. Love it and couldn't have done it without her. Thanks so much.

K. Glass December 2016




I've worked with Jane on a couple jobs, installing pictures, shelving and other creative tasks. Together we repurposed a square teak table into a set of shelves which came up beautifully. She seems to have a sixth sense about what is both practical and attractive. She really has a knack for design and seems to intuitively understand what works. Not only that, she's also organised; her communication is clear and thorough, plus she's a delight to work with.

Helping Hands Handyman June 2016





We highly recommend Jane Brown as an interior decorator. She has truly transformed our house to a home. From our initial consult we knew immediately that we wanted to hire Jane to decorate our house. We were impressed with her professionalism and her ability to think creatively and quickly on her feet. She gave us great ideas. Jane is patient and always listens attentively. We were also impressed with how quick she was to understand what we wanted in terms of design and feel for our home. My husband and I have different styles and she was able to blend them together effortlessly. We wanted a modern french provincial with an industrial touch. A home that is beautiful but not too pretentious. And Jane nailed it! We had so many compliments about our home from friends and family. Truly amazing - we are very happy with the project.

D Rabadi June 2015




Our first project with Jane was in 2010 when I sought advice on making our small inner city terrace that we had lived in for 5 years into a beautiful and comfortable family home. I warmed to Jane immediately. She is down to earth and very easy to talk to and work with. She had plenty of ideas to suit our budget and taste and great contacts in the furniture and trade industry which made the process easier. She repositioned some existing furniture, reframed art and used mirrors to add light. We also added some new furniture, changed some lighting and repainted the interiors. Shopping with Jane is efficient when you are short of time and need to make decisions quickly. The result was way beyond our expectations - it felt like a home. There was no hesitation in contacting her again in 2014 to advise us on renovating another house. She added value by working with our architect and builder in the early stages tweaking the designs, advising on flooring, bathroom fittings, kitchen and lighting and also with using our existing furniture and artwork, and suggestions for new pieces to finish the home. Jane has a great eye for style, is intuitive, has an amazing talent for visualising what works, is enthusiastic dedicated and loves what she does. I highly recommend Jane Brown Interiors .

Sally D December 10, 2015




I was instantly put at ease with Jane when she came into my home. She was given the responsibility to redesign my preteen daughters bedroom. Jane was enthusiastic and on task, providing valuable comments on her first visit. She followed up with a detailed plan and recommended suppliers for mirror, shelving and bed. She was mindful of our tight budget and had some practical tips. The end result is a bedroom which is colourful, fun and really in tune with what my daughter was looking for.

Linda C December  2015




We have used Jane Brown Interiors a few times now over many years for varying projects around the two different houses we have lived in. She has never failed to achieved amazing results and we would highly recommend her services. Her ability to work with who you are and not impose her own style over yours somehow works really well and you feel you have been part of the process the whole way.

JP June 2015





I have been meaning to give this long overdue and well deserved raving review to Jane for a while now. Jane and I met randomly while stuck in a nyc metro and during a time when I coincidentally was looking to decorate my place. I can not say enough about Jane’s keen sense of style and eye for making a small modification into an impactful and welcome piece of functional and aesthetically pleasing spatial design. I will never forget how she breathed in both my space as well as my wants and needs for it. It was both fascinating and inspiring seen her move my wall mirror from one area to another and transforming the space just like that! And my favorite of all the transforming ideas she had for me, was the floating shelf used as a backboard for my bed where I could rest a book, a night lamp and water during the night. This was for a long time something my boyfriend had been wanting me to get and BOOM, here came Jane and solved it in 1 second with an extra shelf I had around. Jane is truly a delight to work with. She is inventive, creative, charming and sensitive to one’s needs. Thank you Jane! for I still look at both the mirror and the floating shelf behind my bed in awe at your brilliance! so Thank you!

Fiorella NYC February 2015



I used Jane's services to upgrade my sons room from a little boys room to a teenagers room. Jane did an amazing job and my son loves his new room! Jane has amazing ideas and all in your budget. Jane spends the time getting to know you and what is important to you and from there creates. She has great ideas and as Im very conservative I stepped out of my comfort zone and trusted Jane and she really created the "wow" factor. So my advice is trust Jane if you want that "wow" factor. Thank you Jane for creating a wonderful bedroom for my son and I look forward to you creating that "wow" factor in other rooms in my home.

Tanya January 2015




We had finally bought a new apartment and needed an apartment make over. We were stuck in the head space of poor students, wanted to "grow up" a little, but with two small children didn't have a large budget. We also had a long time frame in mind. After calling many interior decorators who quoted prices in excess of $20K per room for a full make over, I found Jane. Jane came to my apartment, listened to our requests and cheerfully - without any complaint or judgement - helped us with our first step, simply re-arranging our present furniture so the apartment was more open we could use all of the space. She also talked me through ideas for what we could do in the future when the funds presented them self. The re-arrangement was a success, right down to the small ornaments and showing where to put my pictures on the wall. She even gave me projects I could finish on my own which gave me a huge sense of achievement. I would not have thought to do what she did and she never made me feel like someone style forgot or pressured me to spend money I did not have. We already feel like we are utilising the space more and "growing up". I can't wait until I we can call her again to help with the next step in our decoration process - slowly replacing old with new including picking blinds and couches in the new year. I highly recommend her (even just for her book choices).

Georgia December 2014



Jane Brown starting working with me just prior to my planned move into another house. Because I have moved many times in the last ten years she helped me plan the move and to gain clarity in what I really wanted in my new house. Through this process with Jane I now have a home which truly reflects what is important to me and have all my treasures on display.

I love it and it has turned my home into a real sanctuary.

Lisa R October 2014


I am a PR professional and live in a 1 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, New York. I had several friends who are talented with spaces happily come in to help me position my furniture and decorate. However, after living with these arrangements for some months, it wasn't quite working. I heard about the work Jane does and hired her for a 5 hour session. In those 5 hours, Jane made dozens of insightful changes that produced dramatic results. I've been living with her beautiful, streamlined and functional work for 3 years - and could not be happier. I still come home and marvel at how perfect my apartment is. Jane worked with all the furniture and pieces that I had, and created the best space I've lived in. She also came up with simple solutions to irritating issues of organization that are still working for me. Thank you Jane. I recommend her highly.

KH Creative April 2014




LOVE LOVE LOVE what Jane Brown Interiors have done for me and my home!!! In a short 90 mins Jane transformed my recently moved into apartment into a gorgeous fabulous home. Her 'out-of-the box' ideas challenged me in a good way (I was changing styles) and I am thrilled with the result. The spaces created give me much pleasure and it was so immediate. I can't believe for such a small amount of $$ so much time, money and agonising decisions have been short circuited. Thank you Jane!!! I look forward to your next visit.


Vera A September 2014


Thank you. It's 1.16am I can't sleep I just keep walking around my house and smiling. Love your work. You bought your lovely smile + sparkles with you. Magic maker. Very clever lady, many many thanks. From all of Us. The Roberts Family xxx

Kslena August 2014




Jane has lovely energy, she's easy to be around, honest and a real lover for interiors. Jane has some great ideas with great interpersonal skills.

Watson E July 2014




Jane came into our family home at a time when I was extremely busy. She was nothing short of amazing. I needed some advice on 2 rooms in particular and we ended up doing so much more. She managed to transform several of our living spaces and the master bedroom by simply working with what we had, moving pictures, slight tweaks here and there and the difference was astonishing. The way we sat down initially to discuss what was needed and then both rolled up our sleeves and 'got to work' was fantastic. She is both creative and inspirational as well as very hands-on which is a key point of difference with Jane, I believe. If you want action then get Jane in! You won't be overwhelmed by endless choices or expense but she will give you options to suit your budget and lifestyle. She will be coming back soon to do more work with us including a new kitchen design. I would highly recommend Jane Brown Interiors.

Lisa May 2014



For months I had been procrastinating about how to fill the rooms of our new house. The old furniture did not work in our modern home and I was looking for ideas about how to affordably add character and position furniture. After 2 hours with Jane she had given me great ideas from how to place items on the bookshelf, creating inviting spaces by changing the orientation of furniture in a room, adding character through texture, through to how to hang my children's art work. Jane has a great eye for space and placement and flow - and above all - creating a room that you enjoy being in.

Katbat April 2014


Words cannot truly describe the impact that Jane Brown's incredible work has had on my homes and my life! I have hired Jane several times over the years, to style, organize and beautify my home and office in Sydney (in person), and more recently, my home/office in Colorado (via Skype)! Yes, Jane has a unique talent for understanding her clients' needs and desires. And yes, she is a master at creating simple and stylish solutions for a more harmonious and attractive environment - one that I love coming home to and frequently attracts compliments from visitors. Yet, much more than this, Jane has a special kind of magic touch. For every time she enhances my home, it creates a powerful, positive force and wonderful things start to happen in my life. For example: I landed a high profile client. My income increased. I moved overseas. And, best of all, I met and married my gorgeous husband! All of these things came about shortly after Jane had brought her magic to my home and my life. I know that her work had something to do with all that! Finally, I would have to say that Jane is probably the most passionate, energetic and intuitive professional I've ever had the opportunity to work with. I love that she is so flexible, affordable and accessible to me - no matter where I (or she) may be in the world. Working with Jane is pure joy - fun, enlightening and above all, life-changing! Investing in Jane's services has been among the best money I've ever spent. I'm a fan and client for life! Thank you Jane!

Julie B April 2014



I'm so glad I discovered the talented and inspirational Jane Brown. Jane transformed my one-bedroom New York apartment from a dull and drab space to a glamorous and inviting oasis. From the moment we met, I knew I was in good hands - Jane was not only warm and friendly, but full of amazing ideas and great enthusiasm. She helped me shop for unique pieces, chose fabulous (and affordable) pieces of furniture, and provided great storage ideas. Jane's vibrant personality is reflected in her work, and I found Jane really cares about her client's needs and left no stone unturned. She knew I was on a tight budget and kindly worked with that, even doing handyman work herself to save me money. In fact Jane continually went above and beyond the work assigned, giving up her valuable time to ensure my place looked stunning when it was finished. I now have a beautiful apartment, which I'm proud of. I would highly recommend Jane Brown Interiors. Five star service

E Connolly March 2014

































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