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Happy COVID Makeover 2020

Here's a great review from happy John and Graziella who experienced a full home makeover during and thru Covid days. Thought you may like to read their happy review.

When we bought our townhouse, we’d already lived in it for several years. It was a rental and our space was a mishmash of new pieces and serviceable castoffs. Functional, but nothing special. The layout didn’t really work as we couldn’t entertain in the lounge room but we just shrugged because we didn’t know where to start. Other people seemed to know how to decorate, but not us. We needed a vision and while we are talented in our respective fields, just couldn’t crack this nut. We knew we need a new lounge, but not knowing what we even liked, we’d get overwhelmed with choice and give up. Finally we had to admit we needed help. Jane came highly recommended by some friends so we made a date.

On our first visit, she told us some truth. “It’s like you’re still living at Uni,” she said in the nicest possible way. After an initial consult, we accepted her quote and stepped into the murky waters of a home refresh. Jane developed a plan and asked us to create a budget. Along the way we continued to see the truth of what needed to happen and realised we needed more than a refresh. I hated the poorly-laid tile floors and instead of fixing up the kitchen, we decided to rip it out and since one thing is connected to the other, we did the floors too.

Jane is a great listener. She took our divergent ideas and blended them into a coordinated solution. We never felt we had to compromise, but always found a win/win. When in doubt we kept repeating ‘Just trust her here. She’s an expert.’

Because she knows we can get overwhelmed, she often offered us just simple one-or-the-other choices. As the trust developed, we took the bolder options and it has paid off.

Jane worked hard for her money. When she found out we were comfortable with second hand and repurposed items, she looked far and wide to find unique pieces that complimented the style we had difficulty expressing. She knows where to shop and the value of individual items. We were able to spend on some items because she saved on others.

As experts in our own fields, we appreciate when customers trust us to know our business. And like any expert, we can make things look easy. Jane has the same skill. But if it was so easy, why couldn’t we do it? Because it isn’t. Jane’s spent a lifetime developing her talent and she’s generous about sharing it.

As we sit here writing this on our new lounge, on our new carpet, atop our new heated floor, having navigated what seems like the worst of the Covid-19 crisis, we’re filled with gratitude and emotion. Every day we come home to a place that makes us happy. It’s beautiful and we like being home. Our space finally works as a coordinated home rather than a group of disparate rooms. We couldn’t be happier.

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