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Your BEDS personality

Your beds personality!

Wow who would’ve thought about a bed having a personality!

It sure does. It actually tells me a lot about where you are in your life at the moment. It is like a painting of how your life is tracking and how you feel about yourself! Yikes… That’s a lot to say about a bed right! Yep it is, it is also really liberating because, this gives you the opportunity to pause, and consider how you are perhaps unconsciously living in the world.

So back to the topic of your beds personality. Is it a 5 star dress up affair, or is it, the cosy trackie dacks (sweat pants) you throw on at the end of the day when you’ve hung up that corporate outfit, or is it a mangled nest that you just fall into every night without ever really giving it much thought?

In my 12+ years of making bedrooms beautiful I have seen beds from 5 star lux to beds that look and feel utterly forlorn and neglected.

Today’s blog gives you an opportunity to have a look at your bed and see what personality is shining or perhaps shrinking back at you. Over the next few weeks I will share ideas and the philosophy as to why having a beautiful bed and bedroom can transform your life.

Here’s todays challenge:

Lets just take a deep breath and without judgment go into your bedroom or where it is you sleep and look at your bed. Okay now imagine the person you love most in the world who you haven’t seen in ages is unexpectedly visiting you and they are going to stay in your bed tonight! Yikes … is this a bed fit for that person to sleep in. Did you pull up the doona (duvet) today, are the pillows fluffed ready for your sleep tonight. How does your bed look.

Would love to hear how your bed looked today if you feel brave enough.

Have a wonderful day friends. See you tomorrow.

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