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Bedroom Secrets with super sleuth The Queen of Bedrooms Jane Brown

Would you say your bedroom is a sanctuary or retreat?

Let me start by saying that the majority of my clients don’t sleep in a sanctuary or a retreat when I first visit.

Your bedroom tells me a lot about who you are in the world and how you are living your life!

You know that show the Mentalist, well that’s me of the Bedroom. I’m Jane Brown The Queen of Bedrooms. Humble as well you say! Yep this comes from my years of living in New York City, where it was speak up or shut up. So I learnt to speak up and share what I was good at. And it’s this. I will help you transform your life by transforming your bedroom.

So stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog where I will share more of my super sleuth secrets and solutions on how to transform your life by transforming your bedroom. It’s a science and an art.

Till then sweet dreams.

Bedroom Secrets

With super sleuth "The Queen of Bedrooms Jane Brown”

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