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Getting to know Jane!

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to create a a community where we can provide tips and tricks on all things design. We will keep you all updated on a regular basis but would hugely appreciate any suggestions / questions you have on topics, videos, services etc that you are interested in and would like answers around.

So here name is Jane Brown, and I have been passionate about design since I was 8 years old. I always remember pestering my friends when we would have sleep overs to go play outside or go to the park, while I would move their beds and dressing tables around their room into dozens of different positions using magazines under these huge pieces of furniture to slide around the room until I was happy with how it all looked. And then the absolute joy of having them come in and seeing the transformation! The big "Ta da " moment.

My parents' owned the most cavernous antique shop which meant I was always surrounded by unusual and eclectic objects which were sourced from different places all around the world. The shop was huge! I was constantly discovering new things, and LOVED spending my days getting lost in the magical smell of rustic bookshelves and vintage couches. Along with owning the shop my parents bought and sold properties taking them from run-down unloved shells and turning them into beautiful homes for newly weds to buy to begin their lives together. I saw first hand, how something most people thought could only be demolished could be transformed into a beautiful jewel. (Thanks Dad)

A broken heart lead me to move from the safe shores of Western Australia to the what was then the exotic Eastern States. Once I landed in the bustling city of Sydney I knew it was a love affair I would have forever. My decision to join QANTAS as a Flight Attendant came as lots of great things in life do, quite by chance!

Looking back on my flying career making people comfortable has always been a priority of mine. I loved making passengers feel safe in their unfamiliar surroundings. This trait has proved to run strong throughout my career as a designer, because I always want my clients to feel important and looked after. About halfway through my flying career, my girlfriend asked me to "create a beautiful space" for her and her boyfriend...and guess what? SHE WAS PAYING ME! The job really gave me some traction, as friends of friends began calling and requesting my skills, meaning I had unintentionally set up a part time design firm.

After more than 10 years working for QANTAS, I gave it up to pursue my creative talent full-time and set up Jane Brown Interiors. I was privileged to revitalise many homes while living here in Sydney, before relocating to New York City, thanks to another broken heart! Although it sounds cheesy, I soon came to realise how important it is for your mental wellbeing, to live in a beautiful space. It was amazing to see the impact a redesigned space had on my client's happiness then and now.

I have since lived in quite a number of homes mostly rentals that I have made my own and transformed from a simple rental into a home that is beautiful, welcoming and a place friends and family want to stay and visit for long periods of time. I now find myself back in Sydney having recently spent 5 wonderful years in Manhattan. Manhattan will always be my second home and I return at least twice a year to keep in touch with friends and clients and of course to see what is happening in the world of design.

Until next time!


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